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Embrace sustainability

Our napkins are crafted from 100% organic cotton with no additional chemicals, unnatural fibers or harmful processes in their fabric construction. This means your napkins may show their true sustainable colors by wrinkling slightly after use. But like your favorite pair of jeans or a fine leather bag, your napkins will become wonderfully soft, more absorbent and beautifully textured over time.

  • General care

    To ensure your napkins provide the highest quality and performance, we recommend you machine wash with cold water using a mild detergent, then tumble dry on a low heat setting and fold promptly.

  • First wash

    When washing your napkins for the first time, it is important to note that they may shrink and wrinkle slightly. Over time however, your napkins will develop an incredibly soft texture and a luxurious handfeel.

  • Corner maintenance

    Your napkins are crafted with a polyester hem that is designed to improve their longevity and strength. Very rarely, slight unraveling may occur at the corners of the hem. This can easily be resolved with a quick touch of a flame from a lighter.

Your napkins can be recycled

Recycling your napkins at the end of their life is a great way to reduce textile waste and repurpose already existing materials. By doing so, you can help divert many products from landfills, while also saving on CO2 emissions and fossil fuel use. Recycled cotton is an excellent option for this purpose, as it can be reused and transformed into lower grade products. Furthermore, using existing materials for recycling rather than creating new ones is a great way to partially offset carbon emissions.