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Hi, we're Ableworth

Our name represents our core values. The word able signifies our what, the belief that we can save and sustain our planet for future generations. In the same breadth, worth represents our why, all people, no matter their race, their age or socioeconomic status have intrinsic value that is worth preserving.

Our Story

As the pandemic roared in 2020, my family and I took numerous trips to the beach to enjoy the rugged beauty, that is the Oregon coast. Living in Portland, this meant traveling through spectacular countrysides and state forests featuring some of the tallest, most beautiful trees we have ever seen. But where there was beauty, there was also destruction. Due to logging in the area, many of these trees were cut down, killing important ecosystems the wildlife depended on. Experiencing this devastation first hand, our passion for the environment was strengthened and Ableworth was born. We look forward to serving you on your sustainable journey!

steven neff • Founder

Empower a healthy tomorrow.

Our mission as a company is to help solve deforestation, particularly around our over reliance on single use paper towels. By crafting premium, organic and reusable cloth napkins our customers can use for a lifetime, we hope to significantly curve the roughly 51,000 trees this industry cuts down on a daily basis. With our guarantee of one tree planted per napkin purchased, we hope to bring the healing restoration our planet desperately needs to survive the next several generations.